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The Pristine Islamic Erudition?

At Aishah Madrasah, We've got you covered.

Aishah Madrasah Lekki is a school of Arabic and Islamic Studies for children and female adults alike. It was established in the year 2013 to cater to the needs of the Muslim children in the neigborhood. Our main aim is to groom individuals who practice prestine Islam and relate with people with good manners.
We operate both regular and online classes using a 21st century approach. All in all, we've got what it takes to impart this pristine knowledge of Islam.


Without fanfare, the course list at Madrasatu Aaishah is laden with all you need to start out on this beautiful journey of learning the Deen.


You've failed time and again while trying to commit the Qur'an to your memory? Enroll today at Aishah Bint Abibakr and the story won't remain the same, insha Allah.


We do not offer just spoken Arabic. We take our time to take our students through the nooks and crannies of the Arabic grammar. We do exactly that.


As Arabic remains the only language of Islam, we make it our business to impact Arabic language in our students in an interesting yet impactful way.

And lots more

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Before we can be proud of our Islam our Tawheed mustn't be shaky or rickety. For that, our foremost priority at Aishah Bint Abibakr is Tawheed.


Learning with us won't leave you the same in your understanding of the Islamic jurisprudence. We take care of that by Allah's leave.


Sarf as a subject helps speakers of Arabic to navigate through a wide range of Arabic vocabulary conveniently. For that, at Aaishah Bint Abibakr, we do not take Sarf lightly.


Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes, Madrasatu Aishah is diverse in its programs all in a bid to respond to the diverse nature of the students' individual schedules.

Regular Classes

Saturdays & Sundays (9am - 3pm daily) : children classes

Mondays & Thursdays ( 9am - 2pm) : Adult females classes

Online Classes

Weekdays & weekends

Arabiyyah Class

Arabic Reading Skill Class

Hifdh Class

Comments From Parents

"An Arabic school with a vivid difference where individual difference is put into consideration to bring out the best in students..."

My children had attended a different Madrasah before bringing them over to Madrasatu Aishah Lekki This made it easy for me appraise the quality of service we are receiving. I can confidently say my children have made tremendous and remarkable growth in their knowledge of the Qur'an, Arabic and even manners. The fee is reasonable for the quality of knowledge the children receive in return.

I have recommended Aisha bint Abubakr Madrasah to a number of parents and will continue to do so.

Mrs K Adesina

I recommend Madrasatu Aishah Lekki because it makes my children to discover things which makes them believe that difficult doesn't mean impossible but it simply means that you have to work hard. LEARNING AND UNDERSTANDING THE QURAN AND ARABIC IS GREAT.

Mrs Mohammed Toyibat Olayinka

An Arabic school with a vivid difference where individual difference is put into consideration to bring out the best in students. Tested and trusted for the knowledge of the deen and Islamic morals.

Mrs Adetola Kifayat Adebayo

After moving to Ajah axis in December 2017, it became apparent in 2019 that I needed to get a Standard Madrasah for my kids (they were still young when we moved).

I started making enquiries and Madrasatul Aishah was recommended. I contacted the Proprietress but learnt that the session starts in January, ends in December and 3yrs & above children will be admitted ( I called around March or so).

I had to look forward to the next January because my daughter will be 3 in November same year which will make it possible for her brother and herself to attend together. We went for registration in December and they were enrolled for the 2020 session.

Within the first 3 months before the lockdown, I sha knew they're going to Madrasah and will bring assignments. I got attached to them during the online classes.

Despite attending a Muslim school that is doing it's best to teach them about Islam, MADRASATU AISHAH has taken their Islamic education to another level. They (4+ and 3+ kids) can write and identify Arabic Alphabets, identify some objects in Arabic, learnt few adhabs together with what they were taught in school and memorization from the last Surah of the Glorious Qur'an with correct Tajweed.

I know this is a starting point and I look forward to them becoming Hafiz and Hafizah Bi Idhni Llah.

Some lapses that were identified during the commencement of the online classes were worked on and effected almost immediately. This means that they don't joke with sincere recommendation.

Their fees are affordable or do I say cheap compared to the standard they're offering.

Ask me if I can recommend them? I have done that already and will continue doing so Bi Idhni Llah.

May Allah continue to strengthen them and reward their efforts.

Mrs Aishah Akinyemi

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